Gold Rusher System Overview

The Gold Rusher system is designed for the trader or investor who looking for a thoroughly tested and successful system that can take the guess work out of trading. This 100% automated trading system trades on Gold futures (GC)
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System Performance Info

Gold Rusher 2 (Gold Futures)
Yearly Analysis (Per $25,000 Traded)
Average % Gain Per Year56.52%
Average $ Gain Per Year$14,130.11
Monthly Analysis (Per $25,000 Traded)
Average % Gain Per Month4.70%
Average $ Gain Per Month$1,177.09
Trade Analysis (Per $25,000 Traded)
Total Number of Trades563
Avg. Winning Trade$1,578.09
Avg. Losing Trade-$1,225.60
Trade Win Rate56.84%
Ratio Avg. Win: Avg. Loss1.29
Back-Testing Information
Period Analyzed
Historical Period Analyzed8/18/04 - 3/25/19
Slippage and Commission Used in Analysis
Commision Used in All Reports (Futures Trade)$7 Per Trade
Slippage Used in All Reports (GC)$20 Per Trade
Drawdown (Per $25,000 Traded)
Max Drawdown (Trade Close to Trade Close)-$15,556
Max Drawdown Percentage29.74%
Algorithms Traded
Gold Rusher 2
Instrument TradedGold Futures
Profit Factor (Ratio of Total Gain to Total Loss)1.70
Percent Profitable56.84%
Total Number of Trades563
Outperforms DuringHigh Volatility Environment
Ability to Hold OvernightYes - Day and Swing Trades
Algorithm TypeMomentum Breakout with Trend Filter

Equity Growth

The following equity curve shows the back-tested equity curve for the Gold Rusher system.  The growth is calculated per $25k unit.  The live testing continues to perform at this tremendous growth level.

100% Automated Futures System

Remove the emotions and lack of discipline from your trading. By using 100% automated strategies, we no longer have to worry about making mistakes.

Thoroughly Back-tested

Thoroughly back-tested and forward tested over multiple years. This strategy has continued to perform extremely well.

Places Both Day and Swing Trades

The system is designed to take advantage of long-term volatility and price swings. Some of the trades will be opened and closed intra-day, while many will be allowed to run for larger gains.

Created to Trade the High Volatility Breakouts in Gold Futures

This system was created to take advantage of the massive price fluctuations that occur in Gold futures. It will outperform during periods of high volatility and trending environments.

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